Saturday, November 13, 2010

Love/hate relationship...

Facebook. I have one, you have one, your mom has one and your grandmother probably has one. It's an epidemic. However, I love the 'book. I don't love some people on the 'book though. Here are my annoyances:
  1. Couples sharing a Facebook. It's free? Why share it? Personally I think it shows that you're insecure and don't trust the other person to have their own. To add to it, not only do you confuse people when you're posting stuff but most of the time you have your name as "JohnJane Doe" or "JohnNJane Doe" or my personal un-favorite "John An Jane" which are all just plain idiotic.
  2. What you post is public. DUH! If you can't spell please, please know that I am going to make fun of you. If it's a slightly difficult word, such as ambidextrous, then rest assure you've been saved from my mockery. If you mess up and, an, your, you're, there, their, they're, to or too then you will definitely be laughed at. If you consistently do it then you will be blocked. I can't take that kind of thing for too long.
  3. False advertisement. I'm not talking about the ads on the side. I'm talking about Y-O-U. I know most everyone on my Facebook and I know that super hot picture is photoshopped, squished (for the larger people) and all the extra effects were to hide the imperfections you're insecure of. Embrace yourself. God made you that way. If you can't love yourself, don't expect someone else to.
  4. We don't care about what you're doing every hour of the day. Quit updating your status.
  5. Quit freaking posting YouTube videos. There are people who occasionally update a video or two and I'll watch those. A recent person to be axed from my friend's list uploaded music videos all day. "I love this song", "This is mine and (blah's) song", "This is going to be played at my wedding". Nooooobody cares.
  6. Stalkers. I mean people who comment on every. single. post. you. make. For example- my mother and sister have Facebooks (no surprise there) and we obviously comment on our stuff and pages. There is a person who comments on everything that gets posted, even if it's something I post to my mother's wall about nothing that is significant. Get a life and quit following us so closely.
  7. The people I have labeled as the "pray for me" folks. They have an ailment every single day. They need your prayer for their brakes to last a little longer, for their $20 to last for the rest of the week, for them to get an energy drink. Seriously, I'm not wasting my and Big G's time praying for that ridiculousness.
  8. Hardcore people on Facebook. You are not bad, hard, scary or whatever else you might think you are being when you post about how you're going to kick some one's a-- for hitting on your man. You're probably sheepish in real life.
  9. Find out if you're related to someone prior to hitting on them. It saves you embarrassment and the other person the awkwardness of having to explain it to you.
  10. 100 photos of you in the same pose but different shirts.
There are more than that and I'm sure you can add to this. Someone needs to make a book, "Facebook Etiquette for Dummies"... not it.

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  1. Awesome. Awesome. I'm speechless! Although i will be commenting on every post you make now!