Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ridiculous imagination and pretty panties.

It was raining rather hard when I left for work yesterday. I have definitely seen it worse but it was steady and was forming water puddles on the road. In case you didn't know, I think I'm invincible. I speed when I'm not supposed to (which is all the time). Specifically during the rain... again, I'm invincible and will not have a wreck due to slick roads.

I'm driving along and started to hydroplane (going 63 in a 45 around a slight curve will do that to you). Obviously I took my foot off the gas and let it straighten itself out. I think I'm an expert driver because my father is a truck driver. Haha. I'm happy to report that I still believe I'm invincible due to this.

It's after I got a little farther down the road that I started imagining myself having a wreck (gasp). I would have slid across the road, hit the ditch, flipped upside down and finally stopped by slamming into a tree. I would have been fine and so would the baby but my dramatic mentality had me unconscious for a few hours. My pocketbook and all contents would have been damaged so that nobody was able to identify me. I would be Jane Doe. A nice passerby would have pulled me from the wreckage and called 911. After a few hours at the hospital my eyes would open and my mother would be waiting by the bed (they pulled my tag registration and figured me out). I would say, "Thank God I had on pretty panties."

Also, the passerby that saved me is Robert Pattinson. We fall in love and lived happily ever after.


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