Saturday, November 27, 2010

Santa, Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy... oh my.

I'm debating on whether I'll tell my child about these characters...


I'm supposed to tell my daughter that if she sees some man sneaking into our house at night that it's ok because he's bringing presents? She better scream because that's called breaking and entering and that, boys and girls, is not ok.

Not only is he breaking and entering but he's fat. I do not want her to be identifying people by that trait. Yes, let's introduce her to fat and skinny while she's in her developmental stage. I can see myself being called to the school because she's picking fun at the fat kid. Hey, it'd be my fault and I don't want detention.

The Easter Bunny.
I don't see the need in scaring the life out of her when I take her to go have her picture made with this larger than life bunny at the local mall. They're supposed to be cute and cuddly, not anthropomorphic (personification if you may; taking something not human and giving it human characteristics... that's your vocab lesson today folks). If she starts talking to all the little animals I'll have to bring her to the realization that she is not Dr. Dolittle and that could be very traumatic to her little life.

The tooth fairy.
I'm supposed to reward my child for her teeth falling out? If I instill that in her she might wait for her permanent teeth to come in and think it's ok for those to fall out too. Upon noticing they aren't loosening up she might loosen and pull them out. Homegirl isn't being born to a rich mama... she'll be toothless and it's all because I let her believe in the tooth fairy.

That's what I think. My mom seems to think it's good to give a kid something like the above traditions to believe in. My personal jury is still out on this...

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