Wednesday, November 24, 2010


I am tired and Thanksgiving is tomorrow. I am going to bed as soon as I post this blog because the quicker I go to bed, the quicker I get to the TGiving food.

Let's quickly discuss driving.
  1. Speed limit signs don't really mean "limit". You have an allowance. My personal allowance is 10 mph over but if you're not pretty or not a good BS'er then you might want to stick to 5 over. Notice I have not said "under" at any point.
  2. Slower traffic please stay right. RIGHT... NOT LEFT. Left lane is MY lane, get the heck over. I'm not a courteous person. I will flash my headlights at you and pray you get the idea.
  3. I personally think you should have to take the driving test again when you reach age 70. Those over will either drive erratically or drive too slow. There isn't a happy medium.
  4. Blinkers. USE THEM.
  5. Don't pull out in front of someone only to turn 30 feet down the road.

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