Thursday, December 2, 2010

Let me elaborate...

I was unaware that so many people paid attention to what I say. Wow, I feel special.

My favorite reaction is people seeing my baby mountain (belly) and reaching to rub it. In mid-reach they stop and say, "Oh sorry, I know you don't like that". I really crack up. Thanks for the amusement.

BUT I did not mean that I would go hormonal, crazy, pregnant lady if you touched me.

I have a slight germ phobia. As you reach for my belly (even though you're only touching my shirt) my mind races wondering where your hands have been. Did they wash their hands when they used the restroom? Did they sneeze into that hand? Did they wipe their runny nose with that hand, pop a pimple, scratch their rear? Worse- did they pick their nose?

If I KNOW you (not just the occasional WalMart reunion) there is less likely of a chance that I worry about any of that (other than washing hands after the potty, I am a Nazi at my house about that).

So, rest assure that I do not have some force field around me that will repel your hand as you reach for my belly. Just know that I'm sizing you up to see if you wash your hands.

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