Saturday, November 20, 2010

Twenty3 things I'm thankful for :)

One of my very good friends does this every year. I figure it will make for a readable post. Since I'm 23 y/o I'm going to list 23 things I'm thankful for:
  1. Jesus dying for lil ole me (and you, you, you and you). It's pretty self explanatory. He didn't have to.
  2. First Amendment. Without it I would probably already be in jail. All of them actually rock out.
  3. Family. Because they're all pretty amazing. I'll admit they kill my nerves but I think I'll keep them around. Not to mention, I wouldn't be here without them.
  4. Mom, dad and sister. Yes, family but they are very specific to be thankful for. My sister is my best friend and confidant (need a tissue B?), my mother keeps me grounded, is my idol and supports any of my choices and my father is everything I want in my husband. With that being said, they are also 98% of the reasons I need to be put on Xanax.
  5. My little cousin. She could fall under "family" but I honestly love this child. She drives me insane half the time but she's preparing me for my child. She's 5 years old and is my fashion adviser, little dancer, advice giver,, personal comedian and miniature me.
  6. Friends. They keep me sane in a world of insane relatives. I'm thankful though because the friends I have (which are not a lot and I like it that way) are true. They tell me if my hair looks bad, if I'm making a bad decision and if those pants make my muffin top look big. :)
  7. My car. Yeah, I'm thankful for it even though I want to trade it in on a different one every week. It was newly bought, never had any problems, is what I wanted for years and since it is an SUV I sit up higher.
  8. Job. I have one and in this economy I hear it's tough to get a job. So, I'm glad I have one and don't have to worry about being fired or it going under.
  9. Freedom to come and go as I please. My parents do not care where I go (I mean, I'm 23 so you would think that it shouldn't matter anyways). They don't care where I go but they like to know just in case. Makes me feel loved.
  10. Having only the bills I incur. Car payment, insurance for my car, Victoria's Secret credit card. Thanks to my lovely parents I do not have to pay any of the bills of the house. I do know some people whose parents make them pay rent after they turn 18 or when they move back home (I've done both). BTW- Don't get any ideas Mama!
  11. Unborn kiddo. No, I didn't want a child... ever. Now that I am having one I am way too excited to meet it. Not on my timing but it's coming at the perfect time. I like that it's not born yet, I don't have to share it right now. Mine all mine.
  12. Debit card. Psh, you can think I'm crazy but remember the days of writing checks? I also hate cash because I always end up losing some of it.
  13. Coffee products. You never know what you have til you can't have it. Oh how I miss coffee and will be enjoying it once my baby is out of me.
  14. My hair. When I actually fix it I'm totally pleased with how well it behaves. Not to mention I never have to dye it. It has natural highlights and turns dark in winter and light in summer.
  15. Razors. Because I'm glad I don't have to look like a European woman. (Sorry European women, but I don't understand why you don't shave).
  16. DVR. I had it, now I don't, and I'm getting it back next month. I don't have to miss the shows I want to see but forget that are on.
  17. Taquitos. Do not hate. The DeliMex brand from WalMart rock out!
  18. Antibiotics. I admit I hated taking them in the past and thought it was just a way for doctors/pharmacists to make money. Conspiracy theory if you may. Ha. Now that I am currently sick and can't take them... I get it. Sweet antibiotics I will never curse your name again.
  19. Pictures. My beauty is captured in them. Haha. Pictures spark memories and memories are all we have of some people.
  20. Demographics. I live in the US of America, specifically Georgia. Not only GA but a small town. My family is not rich but we're not poor. When I think about it I have no way to express how exciting it is that God put me here, and in this time. I could be over in a third world country where I am treated as property and have no rights.
  21. Fruit. I love, love, love fruit. Pineapples, oranges, apples, kiwi, watermelon, ahh! Love it all.
  22. Online shopping. If I had to go to the different places to make all my purchases then I wouldn't have half of what I do have. Call me lazy but it's convenient.
  23. Thanksgiving. I love all the food and family togetherness. My favorite is going to houses that your grandparents live in that are the perfect size for them but once you add all 20+ family members the house becomes cramped. I LOVE IT!

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