Friday, December 10, 2010

It gets under my skin-

Either things bother me easily or this pregnancy is making me less tolerable of people.

  1. Do not volunteer your time if it means you're volunteering someone else's time too. They may not want their time volunteered.
  2. I have discovered that I have what I will call "woe is me" friends. They only want you when it benefits them. Hey, how about we not be friends? That works ideally for both of us.
  3. Those wonderful people who insist on singing along with a song when it comes on the radio. I don't care if you take voice lessons, if I want to hear you I'll buy tickets to your concert. Oh, you're not on tour? Then shut up.
  4. People playing music loudly. It's totally disrespectful to everyone else in the room who might not care to listen to your music.
  5. People with their TV's up as high as they will go (I'm calling out my father and sister on this one). If I'm in my room and have to shut the door to hear my TV then yours is up tooooo loud. They're both going deaf and loud TV's are probably a contributing factor.
  6. Someone telling another person how to raise their child (what rules they should instill, disciplinary actions, etc).
  7. Talking to your child, or any child in general, like they are idiots. That baby talk is not conducive, I promise.
  8. Leggings are not a substitution for pants. If you're wearing a longer top (tunics) then by all means throw on some leggings. However, if your ENTIRE butt (including the cheek line) is not going to be covered by the top you have on then DO NOT wear the leggings.
  9. Asking for advice and then getting pissed when someone gives it to you. If you don't want my opinion or could possibly get mad about it then skip over asking me. I don't apologize and I won't care that you get mad.
  10. Lovers on Facebook. You're in love... wonderful. It's not necessary to post 3+ times per day that you love/miss them on their wall OR my personal favorite- making derogatory remarks that you think are subtle but they're not.
  11. People putting me down. Believe me folks, I am more than capable of putting my mind to something and succeeding at it. Treat me/talk to me like I am incompetent and I'll probably limit my interactions with you.
I'm going to assume it's a mixture of pregnancy hormones and my tolerance level as to why these things get under my skin. No matter why, people just get on my nerves.

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