Friday, December 10, 2010

Nobody told me this....

Nobody warned me about all the unpleasantries of pregnancy. Granted, I wasn't planning my pregnancy so that someone COULD warn me but still... my mom should have given me a warning at some point in time.

  1. No caffeine... or very little. I know some people don't cut that out but I cut it out all together until the second trimester and now I only drink sweet tea since it has less caffeine. Why should I have been warned of this? Because I developed a coffee product addiction about a month prior to becoming pregnant. I'm sure if I was able to quit that "cold turkey" then all these people with smoking problems should be able to quit too.
  2. Ligament pains. No-freakin-body told me I was going to feel like I was being stabbed in my lower abdomen when I was pregnant. It would have been nice to know about that. I thought surely my child had somehow gotten a knife and was carving tally marks into the wall to count down how many days it had left in my uterus.
  3. Goodbye size 4, hello anything that stretches. Granted, I have yet to break down and buy maternity pants but I am so close to it that I'm not amused. So to assist in my denial stage I have been living in lounge pants. I love Old Navy's lounge pants though. They've assisted me in pretending as though my beautiful size 4's aren't cutting off circulation from my hips down.
  4. The people who make maternity shirts are sure proud that they're maternity. They flow away and scream "maternity!!". I have some maternity shirts but I have been buying size medium shirts and they're working fine... for now. Dear 'ole Dad was home when I was opening my mail from Victoria's Secret last month and said, "I didn't know Victoria's Secret made maternity clothes." If looks could kill he'd be dead.
  5. Sleeping on your stomach slowly becomes impossible. I sleep on my stomach or my right side. It feels like I have a rock or something under me when I'm laying on my stomach and when I roll to my right side I feel like my insides are all going to fall to the right. Weird, I can sleep on my left side.
  6. Your belly button pokes out. Mine hasn't made it's way to being fully poked out but it's getting shallower by the day. This has been the most mind boggling part of this experience for me. My entire body is out of whack, why does my belly button have to make this difficult too? I never paid any attention to it prior to being pregnant but now it's the first thing I look at when I change shirts/shower.
  7. Weight. You are NOT eating for two. You are eating for yourself... plus 300 extra calories a day. If you eat for two prepare to start looking like you swallowed another person. This is huge to me because I was so conscious about my weight prior to becoming pregnant. The fact that I have to gain around 30 lbs during this pregnancy freaked me out in the beginning but now that I feel my child move around I try to make sure she's getting the extra nutrients she needs to grow.
  8. Antibiotics are a "no-go". Do not get sick. Avoid it like a plague (no pun intended). Nobody informed me that I would have to rely on my immune system to fight off a virus. I had a virus for a week and a half. Antibiotics would have kicked it out in 3-5 days. Better pray your immune system isn't a weakling like mine apparently is.
I'll stop at 8 things. You might start to get the idea that I am uninterested with being pregnant. I can list a lot of things I'm thankful for now that I am pregnant. This baby is someone I never knew that I wanted. I loooove that I can feel her moving. It's weird if you really think about it, but don't think. It's amazing that she's my own personal baby right now since she's still in womb. She'll be my own personal baby when she's out of the womb too but I'll have to share her more than I do now :)

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