Tuesday, December 14, 2010

One hour.

I'm slightly copying someone. Ok I AM copying her, there's no slightly to it. I have no idea who she is either but I absolutely love, admire and envy her creativity. A friend of mine has some pictures posted on his Facebook of one of his friend's "Senior Show" (as he has it labeled). She wrote down every thought she had for each minute of the day for 24 hours. That's insane. I tip my theoretical hat to her. However, my attention span is too short for that so I'll just do it for an hour and instead of doing it on index cards and linking the thoughts together you'll just get to read a numbered list.

  • 530pm- My toes are so cold I can't feel them. I can see them though. In a few months I won't be able to see them or feel them so someone will have to assure me they are still indeed intact.
  • 531pm- I just heard my mom tell a relative that we no longer have a house phone. Thanks for telling me Mom. Guess I better get a cell phone now.
  • 532pm- There is only one remote for the two DirecTV receivers that were installed today. I know where the other remote is but I don't think I'll tell them to see how my sister reacts to having no remote.
  • 533pm- Dear maternity pants: Die. I'd be more comfortable in a corset.
  • 534pm- I stayed at work 4 hours longer than I was scheduled to today. Employee of the month right here.
  • 535pm- Maybe I'll just do this for 30 minutes.
  • 536pm- Listening to a Cymbalta commercial. The side effects are worse than the actual ailment it's supposed to cure.
  • 537pm- I missed 537pm because I was numbering ahead so I wouldn't have to do it every minute.
  • 538pm- I just figured out how to zoom in and out on the computer screen without clicking anything.
  • 539pm- "..and I was like baby, baby, baby, ooooh. Baby, baby, baby, ohhh..." Yes, I have a Justin Bieber song in my head.
  • 540pm- After reading the above posting I really wish I would have chosen different lyrics because that seems a little R-rated.
  • 541pm- Yeah, definitely only doing this for 30 minutes. A minute passes by quicker than I thought it would and this is stressing me out.
  • 542pm- I hope my coworkers realize I was just kidding when I wrote my child's name on our dry erase board at work. Surely they know "Brynlee Sarah-Gail Gonzalez" is not really going to be her name.
  • 543pm- I hate carbonated beverages. I get the hiccups every time.
  • 544pm- When you become pregnant you're officially part of a secret society of pregnant women. All fellow pregnant women will want to know the details of your pregnancy and you of theirs.
  • 545pm- I want a new car. Maybe I'll get a job at a car dealership so that I can live vicariously through others.
  • 546pm- Parker is 2 years and 3 months old today.
  • 547pm- I wonder if I can just use my same phone when I finally reenter the cellular world. I didn't have a complaint for it.
  • 548pm- I wonder if Brynlee hears my thoughts? That has to be tiring and could definitely explain why she sleeps most the day. She doesn't have to hear it while sleeping.
  • 549pm- Oh my God. I'll have a child to actually take care of in 15- 19 weeks. I was JUST 7 weeks pregnant!
  • 550pm- My foot itches and I'm too lazy to reach and scratch it. I wonder how long it will itch until it gives up.
  • 551pm- Hmm, I wonder if Brynlee thinks I can sing well. I haven't really considered her feelings when I've been singing along to a song in the car.
  • 552pm- I love how I get volunteered to do something without prior consent from me.
  • 553pm- Still can't feel my toes... and my foot still itches.
  • 554pm- I wonder what job I was going to be assigned on that Tuesday I was supposed to go back to MEPS for the Navy. Maybe I could have gone to find out what I was going to be doing and THEN tell them, "oh... by the way, I'm pregnant. Sorry for any inconveniences"
  • 555pm- I love Christmas but the movies for it are about stupid. Watching a Hallmark movie with Mama.
  • 556pm- Bryn's awake.
  • 557pm- I think it's really gross that she pees inside me. She also swallows the amniotic fluid... which means she's swallowing her urine. Babies are gross, like fish.
  • 558pm- Out of 10 of my nails only 3 are "long". I look trashy. Where are the fingernail clippers?
  • 559pm- Toes are warm, foot no longer itches. I scratched it somewhere between 555-557pm and crossed my legs so my toes are covered.... ya know, for those of you who were concerned.
  • 600pm- Which also equals 1800.
  • 601pm- I'm done. :)
OK, even more props to her. I don't know how she went for 24 hours. :)

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